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About El Cosmico

Birth of the Cosmos

Liz Lambert grew up in West Texas and spent time on her family’s cattle ranches in the Marfa/Fort Davis area as a child. She was inspired by the quality of light, the feeling of connection to the land and the vast open landscape. After the arrival of Donald Judd in Marfa during the 1970’s, there was a convergence of art and ranching cultures that infused an even more magical and somewhat psychedelic quality to the town. This dynamic community, set against such a peaceful and dramatic landscape, would become the backdrop for her vision of freedom, community and adventure.

Lambert purchased the property in 2006 and it sat empty for a while save for a few grazing horses and a tin shed. She began work with the renowned architects at Lake|Flato and Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure, along with a visionary team of builders, artists and students to create a plan for what El Cosmico would become. Lambert and her talented Bunkhouse team opened El Cosmico in 2009, and the property continues to evolve.

What Inspires Us

El Cosmico takes its inspiration from a long American history of hippies, nomads, bohemians and those living a life of self-determination. We believe in tuning in, dropping out and being here now. We are equally inspired by the colors and cultures of India, and we recognize Garuda as our guiding muse and totem.

Garuda is known in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions as the supreme golden sunbird and carrier of the gods. Out in this part of the world, it is common to see a powerful bird surfing the desert's thermal updrafts. The image of Garuda is used as an amulet to protect the bearer from snake attack and its poison, since the king of birds is an implacable enemy and "devourer of serpent".  The mantra, should you need it, reads, “Om Tarakishya (Garuda), cast down my enemies, trample the diseases and venom that might invade me.”

The Family

El Cosmico is a Bunkhouse hotel. Its sister properties, Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Hotel San Cristóbal in Todos Santos, Mexico, The Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, Hotel San José, Hotel Saint Cecilia, and Austin Motel in Austin, along with Jo’s Coffee and Fair Market, have earned Bunkhouse a reputation in Texas and beyond for creating meaningful experiences rooted in community.