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The Mañanifesto

If you have been to Marfa or places like it, you may have experienced Mañana. Mañana cannot generally be found in cities with more than one stoplight. Mañana doesn't care about email or normal hours of operation. Mañana recognizes that we can't all have everything we want at any given moment, like peaches in January or cell phone reception in West Texas. Mañana is the anticipation that it might happen today, and it might just as likely not, and really either way it's not that big of a deal. The key to Mañana lies somewhere in the unspecified future. It holds the great promise of hope.

El Cosmico is at the center of this exodus from a world of urgency, and flies its Mañana flag proudly. This is not to be understood as irreverence for timeliness and progress. We believe in those things too. But life gets busy. The way you thought things would go just aren't the way they end up. Maybe the pack rats have chewed the phone lines. Best intentions are waylaid. But it seems like sometimes the only way to make something really amazing is through a steady balance of kicking the dirt around and napping. This is what we do.

The good news: eventually mañana arrives. The tomorrows of our dreams become the todays of our reality. Our tomorrow has come, and El Cosmico is proudly open for business. We know that mañana continues to promise new magic, and we see good things just over the horizon. But for now we're happy to sit back in the hammock and celebrate today. We hope to see you soon at El Cosmico.