Sunset Soundtracks

A regular music series under the big sky.


For the safety of our guests and staff, we do our best to keep our events to a limited capacity and primarily outdoors. We ask that all attendees wear face masks at our properties and while interacting with our staff. We strongly encourage all of our guests and everyone at large to get vaccinated if your healthcare situation allows. 
We thank you for your understanding and patience. 

May 19: Pony Hunt

Doors at 6 PM, music starts at 8 PM.

Pony Hunt is a New Orleans based band that plays like a ghostly jukebox; hazy melodies with sweet, lingering waves of nostalgia.

June 1: Melissa Gail and the Morning Dew, with Little Power Songs

Doors at 6 PM, music starts at 8 PM.

Melissa Gail Klein is a banjo player, flute player and singer songwriter based out of Austin, Texas. Her songs are a refreshing hit of true magic for trying times, and a fun companion for the everyday grind. When she’s not flying solo, Melissa is artfully backed by her 5-piece band The Morning Dew. The band creates moving soundscapes with riveting harmonies, and unexpected genre shifts ranging from samba, rock and bluegrass, to soul and folk.

Hailing from the west coast and the cusp of Driftwood TX, Little Power Songs are coming through to motivate the adventure of life. Inspired by love for nature and for natural ways of being, vocalist/producer Elisa Davila Crawford conjures an eclectic realm of melody and texture. The words are animated by a danceable heartbeat that lifts the spirit, moving the listener to sing along with their heart full of hope.

August 3: BadCameo

Born in North Carolina and now living in Clearwater, FL, Indie-Funk Fusion band BadCameo blends all types of influences into a cocktail of disco-glam grooves! The band motto is “fuse whatever you got into this music”, which is evident in their flamboyant stage persona, eclectic aesthetic, and use of props like their signature stuffed fish. Always immersing fans in an all-out dance party (the BC guarantee!), it’s clear that BadCameo is a band unlike any other.

August 20: Skirts

Doors at 6 PM, music starts at 8 PM.

Skirts is a title Alex Montenegro has been using to collaboratively and independently explore songwriting. Growing up in Texas, Alex’s love for music was fostered at a young age by the people in her life who were constantly sharing their favorite songs. Recording mostly alone on cassette 4-track and digital 8-track, Alex brings the life and depth of old friends playing timeless standards to her recordings, invoking an immediate sense of nostalgia for listeners. Her voice is a familiar drive on winding roads, where the peaks and valleys of the hills and harmonies carry us into a timeless bliss. There is a beautiful informality to the way the instruments so tenderly work together, picking and plucking into a chorus so sweet that even first time listeners will want to hum along.

October 15: Radio Ranch

Doors at 6 PM, music starts at 8 PM.

Inspired by the folk revival of the 60’s and traditional country music, Rhett and Camille have long been in love with the freedom of wide-open country and the people within it. Writing from the point of view of the traveller, they bring a new perspective to the traditions and landscape of Americana and Traditional Country music. The result is a vintage sound and style juxtaposed with modern material to create a truly timeless and intimate form of storytelling.