Sunset Soundtracks

A regular music series under the big sky and get a stick + poke tattoo from Brenden Cicoria.

Music starts at 9pm.

March 8 - Spooky Mansion + Samuel Walker

Spooky Mansion is compared to Vampire Weekend, Rolling Stones, and Alabama Shakes and described as “relevant, upbeat, fun and dancy.” Their live shows take this to another level with raucous and rhythmically driven performances.

Samuel Walker is native to West Texas and has been playing music throughout the state since 2012. His music is known for its brooding vocal melodies, layered over melancholic and sometimes haunting arrangements, combining traditional folk with modern electro pop.

Doors at 6pm for this event.


March 10 - Topographies

Formed by Gray Tolhurst (Gray Tolhurst, Coo Coo Birds), Jeremie Ruest (Cerf Volant, Your Friend, Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip), and Lauren Grubb (Minipop, To The Wedding) in 2017, the band meshes the crushingly loud guitars and hushed vocals of 90’s shoegaze with the urgency and mechanical rhythms of post-punk. Their debut EP was recorded and produced at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, California by Alexis Berthelot (Gojira, Wolfgang Tillmans, Enablers) in late 2017. They are currently at work on a follow-up with producer Monte Vallier (Soft Moon, Wax Idols) due out early 2019.


March 13: Zoo Animal

Minneapolis musician Holly Hansen has been performing with a rotating cast of players as Zoo Animal since 2008. Some songs a tender ballad, others a stern talking to. Holly is no stranger to a dynamic conversation with her audience. With comparisons to The Pixies to Cat Power to Lou Reed, she manages to maintain a cohesive performance with whoever joins her that night.


March 22 - Lucia Tacchetti

Lucia Tacchetti hails from Bahia Blanca, Argentina. In April of 2015, she released her first EP ‘Feriado’. The record was three weeks on the second place of the most listened records of Bandcamp Argentina. In March of 2017, she edited her second album ‘Degradé’. With this record Lucia took a 36 shows tour between Argentina, Uruguay and the USA, including SXSW 2017. On September 2018, Lucia released her third studio album called ‘VOL.3D’, produced by Juan Stewart in Buenos Aires, Argentina and mastered by Greg Calbi in Sterling Sound (New York, USA). This record brings a very fresh and danceable atmosphere in Lucia’s discography because of their full electronic instrumentation and pop melodies.


April 6 - GO FEVER

GO FEVER is an Austin-based band fronted by Australian songwriter Acey Monaro with Benjamin Burdick, Keith Lough, Josh Merry and Jim Campo. The band is currently recording their sophomore album at Jim Eno’s home studio, Public Hifi. “Go Fever’s self-titled debut proves Acey Monaro isn’t just one of Austin’s best songwriters, but an heir to the likes of Elvis Costello” -OVLD ‘Go Fever manages to form a niche within their genre. They evoke the qualities of established, beloved bands without ever sounding hackneyed. It feels like the middle ground between Courtney Barnett and the newest Tennis album.” -WHWS 105.7fm


April 14 - Alex Dupree + ReDeYe

Alex Dupree is a musician and writer living in Los Angeles. For almost fifteen years, his songwriting has plumbed the traditions of folk and country music for inspiration and earned him comparisons to Willie Nelson, Jason Molina, and Tim Buckley by many drunk people. On ‘You Winsome, You Lonesome’, released by Keeled Scales in 2017, lush strings, pianos, and steel guitars provide the backdrop for a set of intimate stories about love and jealousy and the vertigo of freedom.

Of Redeye’s early years in Texas remains an authentic accent and a certain form of sun-kissed melancholy. His 3rd album release, ‘The Memory Layers’, delves deeper into his alternative folk sound, drenching it in a bit of psychedelia. With a baritone drawl reminiscent of The National’s Matt Berninger, Redeye wraps traditional folk with a modern European songwriting sensibility, journeying the listener across various emotional peaks and valleys like a radiant blues warming the soul.