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El Cosmico invites you to a series of workshops ranging from ceramics to sourdough. Come learn your new favorite hobby with us. Let’s go beyond do-it-yourself. Let’s do it together.



Saturday, June 15 at 4pm

Ceramics with Kimmy Rohrs

A handbuilding demo and workshop where you will create unique pieces of pottery to take home and use. Kimmy will teach handbuilding basics while guiding students to make their own creations. Resources and time permitting, the pieces created at the workshop (ritual bowls) may be fired onsite, otherwise you will have the option of taking your unfired piece, or sending it with Kimmy to be fired in a kiln and then shipped to you.


Saturday, July 6 at 5pm

Marbling with Mercedez Rex

An evening of exploring water marbling with textile artist Mercedez Rex. We will cover a brief history of marbling as well as classic historical patterns before diving in to experiment with basic techniques of manipulating paints on the surface of a water bath. Participants will have time to play with colors and patterns before transferring their design to a silk neckerchief and set of four postcards.


Saturday, August 31 at 11am

Sourdough Bread with Cat Cox

Learn how to make artisanal sourdough bread at home! Naturally fermented sourdough has complex flavors and is easier to digest. In this 5 hour class we will be making sourdough together in real time. Participants will experience all the steps of making naturally leavened sourdough bread from start to finish. Our hands will be in the dough as we learn to maintain a sourdough starter, mix our bread, shape our loaves, bake, and share. You will leave with your very own sourdough starter, a freshly baked loaf, a proofing basket, a loaf to bake at home, and the confidence to cultivate your very own sourdough practice in your home kitchen. We will learn about bakers math, discuss the structure of different grains and nerd out over cookbooks. Light lunch provided. Bring your own apron.